RCS Group supports local Westpac Helicopter Service


RCS Group supports local Westpac Helicopter Service

February 22, 2018
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RCS Group becomes a member of Westpac Helicopter’s Workplace Giving Program.

Westpac Helicopter Service can be a vital resource for workplace safety.

RCS Group Director, Tony Riordan, was keen to recognise the wonderful work done by the Westpac Helicopter  service and at the same time improve workplace safety for his employees.

Mindful of the risks to his employees when venturing out into remote rural areas, Tony has provided each of his field teams with a Personal Locator Beacon. These beacons are to be used if an employee is injured in an area without mobile coverage. Of course these beacons will only help if Search & Rescue can quickly locate the  injured worker and the Westpac Helicopter Service can be a vital link in the rescue process.

Tony has offered his employees the opportunity to support the rescue service through a payroll deduction. Recognising the important service provided by Westpac Helicopter, all the employee’s at RCS Group eagerly signed up to a Workplace Giving Program challenge. Each employee will now make a donation from their pay each fortnight. While the employees hope they will never need the service they feel safer knowing a rescue plan exists.

Contact Westpac Helicopter Rescue for more information about their Workplace Giving Program challenge.

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