Read about our CAPTURE AND RELEASE Program.

“We capture the data to release the potential.  From the air, on the ground, underground or underwater – 3D spatially aware data – true intelligent data.”

Whatever needs to be modeled, investigated, reported or designed, our extensive expertise coupled with a full complement of modern surveying equipment ensures that the information you work with is accurate, reliable and ultimately suited to your requirements.


UAV and Marine Data Capture

Fast accurate and detailed imagery and point cloud models suited for a multitude of every-day use.

Geo-referenced Digital Surface Models, Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Models, as well as Geo referenced Ortho-rectified Aerial and Terrestrial photographs. Hydrographic Survey Solutions and real time mapping of waterways and water bed detail.

 Map it – Locate it

From above or below, we can map it and locate it.

True 3D geo-referenced spatially aware data.

Underground service utilities located and modeled in 3D.

All complimented with our expertise offering a complete range of surveying, planning, civil design and project management services.

For more detail about specific applications click on the links below…

Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Agriculture Architectural
Infrastructure Management Bridges Construction Monitoring and Measurement
Contour and Detail Surveys Disaster and Hazardous Areas Environmental Management
Estuary and Coastal Management Films and Animations Highway and Road Surveys
Imagery Geotechnical Landfill
Mapping Mining Monitoring
Property Marketing and Sales Railways Infrastructure Recreational, Passive and Active Open Space
Site Modelling and Analysis Storm-water and Flooding Water Resources


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