Aerial Survey


 The benefits of Aerial Surveying make the use of “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (UAVs) or “Drones” an obvious choice in many situations:

  • Drones are survey accurate and provide “richer” data for clients to use in post processing.
  • Drones save time by covering large areas quickly.
  • Drones save costs by removing the need for multiple team members onsite.
  • Drones can reduce the risk of workplace injury in dangerous locations.

“UAVs are the future of surveying” says RCS Group Australia Director Tony Riordan who is excited about the opportunities UAVs will bring to the survey industry.  The biggest advantages are the level of detail and the speed at which it can be captured. With the new technology large areas of 60-hectare can be surveyed to 30mm tolerance in five hours.

Unmanned Aerial Surveying (UAS) solutions are ideal for aerial mapping, aerial surveying, mine surveying, corridor mapping, emergency and natural disaster work, industrial inspections and other applications.

New TRINITY UAV software offers increased efficiency by surveying ground contours without having to pause and hover over the survey site. The ability to survey without hovering translates to significant cost-savings through reduced flight times and lower demand on on-board battery reserves.

The following video demonstrates the versatility of aerial survey drones:


Click here to learn more about Aerial Surveying applications.

An accurate land survey is often the first step in costly land acquisition and development processes… 

Getting it right the first time WILL save you time and money…

Call (02) 6622-2112 for a FREE telephone appraisal of how this new technology can save time on your next project!

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